The new University Hospital is still in its planning stages but here you can see some of the parts that go into the making of the New OUH.

Skrevet d. 19-09-2014

The new University Hospital will be the largest new hospital in Denmark built entirely from scratch. The new University Hospital will draw on the existing University Hospital's long and prestigious history. 

As the existing University Hospital was built more than 100 years ago, it has become increasingly difficult to readjust the construction to shifting paradigms in treatment and modern innovations and inventions. The intentions are that the new University Hospital will have little limitations in the adaption and adoption of both existing and future technology. 

One of the main reasons for the new hospital's supposed longevity is inherent in the design. A strong and flexible design is the key stone of the project. The elastic structure can be utilised in order to achieve an even stronger building both functionally and architecturally. The building's placement on the site enables future expansion on all scales - from small extensions of the building to large-scale extensions in direct correlation with the existing building. 

A hospital in the making

The concept for the design derives from the site's existing characteristics and the vision of a continuation of the University of Southern Denmark's north- and southbound architecture in a more fringed or lacerated structure which incorporates the blue and green landscape elements. 
The building will be connected to the University of Southern Denmark by the Linking Zone that connects to the Knowledge and Science Axis. The Axis acts as a spine for the building, running down the length of the hospital. The Axis will be home to a wide variety of functions but treatment of patients will mostly take place in the clusters arranged to the sides of the Axis. Each cluster is a group of medical departments. The clusters contain optimised clinical flows where medical departments which are closely linked are situated close to each other and near to the operating rooms and patient wards. 

Encouraging healthy collaborations

Three out of four psychiatric patients suffer from somatic illnesses in combination with their mental ones. To encourage a better interplay a new psychiatric department will be built and connected to the new university hospital ensuring the easy treatment and transfer of psychiatric patients.  

Watch embedded video that explains just some of the benefits

Bridging the gap between research and clinical treatment

The structural correlation between the University of Southern Denmark and new University Hospital is unique for Denmark and provides optimal conditions for knowledge sharing, an outstanding international research environment and a strong centre for education and innovation.

Watch embedded video for further detail as to how the adjacent placement between two institutions brings substantial mutual rewards.