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The Project

The Region of Southern Denmark is constructing a new University Hospital in Odense. The project is expected to complete in 2022 and become the largest hospital in Denmark that is built from scratch. 

Skrevet d. 19-09-2014

A large empty field of 80 hectares is soon going to be transformed. Just south of the University of Southern Denmark, a new University Hospital will be constructed.

The New University Hospital in Odense (New OUH) is expected to complete in 2022. New OUH will be treating patients from all of the Region of Southern Denmark and part of Zealand. Although 2022 may seem far away at this time, planning has been underway since 2008.

  • New OUH will consist of a total ground floor area of 260.000 m2. It will be the largest new hospital in Denmark built from scratch.
  • New OUH will consist exclusively of single rooms with en suite facilities. All rooms will have a great view to green landscapes. 
  • New OUH will have easy access to the flow of traffic. The Danish Road Directorate is constructing a new exit ramp that connects to the Hospital's ring road. For public transport, a tramway is being constructed by the municipality of Odense and there will be two stops at the New OUH.
  • New OUH will be linked structurally with the University of Southern Denmark in a north- and southbound axis with highly specialised research facilities.
  • New OUH will be integrated with the Region of Southern Denmark’s new Psychiatric Department which is being constructed simultaneously. The Psychiatric Department will have a ground floor area of approx. 25.000 m2.